Feb 25, 2014

Tasty Tuesday

This is the day I like to share a recipe of a dish that we like. 

We are adapting to a healthier lifestyle than we had in the past and so lots of new recipes are showing up in my recipe box. This is an easy one that can be used as a side dish or a salad. I just love them!

Marinated Brussel Sprouts 

2 boxes or 1 bag frozen brussel sprouts
1 bottle of italian dressing of your choice

Cook brussel sprouts to fork tender, drain and cool. Place in bowl and cover with dressing add pepper to taste and put lid on top. Place in fridge and stir occasionally till ready to serve. Let marinate for several hours or overnight.

******fresh brussel sprouts can be used if you have them*****


  1. That sounds good. I make my own Italian dressing too. Do you eat them cold or heated?


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