Feb 10, 2014

Still Cold Outside

It is still cold and dreary here. And more snow is on the way! 

Everything outside is crunchy! Thats right, when you walk outside you do not even leave a foot print in the snow. Frozen is the word I am looking for. And if you spend any length of time at all outside. I mean even walking from the house to the van, you are frozen stiff. Going to the mailbox has become quite an expedition. You have to layer up to go get the mail. Today it is to be a high of 20*. It is a whooping 18* right now. 

Can you see the snowflakes in the picture above?

Now I really am not complaining, just explaining!
Lots of folks have frozen water pipes and sewer lines. And we have plenty of food and water stored and the electricity has held on nicely. If it should go off we have an alternative heat source, so even that would only be another adventure.

So most of us are in the same boat weather wise and would have to agree that we have had plenty of time this winter to think about the important things in life. So what has been your big revelation?

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  1. Brrrr! Times like these do make us grateful for the simple things in life! Glad you are doing okay with all the weather challenges.


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