Aug 29, 2015

Stuff That Is In My Head

You just might want to go and get a cup of coffee or tea, which ever is your preference because this is liable to be a long one!

It is the end of August, not yet September and as well as I can remember we are certainly having September weather IN August. And it has been this way the entire month. Now its not just me that feels this as I think the spiders do as well. They usually start webbing all over the place in September and I have been knocking them down the whole month of August.

Here is how it goes, I get up at daylight and start knocking down what they spent all night building. Now I do hope some animal rights group doesn't come down on me! But what is a girl to do? And then the spider sleeps all day and wakes up to start building again because that crazy cleaning lady has been at it all day long! Do you think the time frame of cycles have been off this year?

And another thing, I was wondering if any of you had noticed that even though the gardens have not produced this year and provided the bounty which would keep me busy with canning and preserving as I would usually be. I still seem to be able to have plenty to do! So I got to wondering if this was Gods way of telling me I have other things that need done too! What do you think?

Am I the only one that gets to this time of the year. The time when the nights are getting longer and the sunshine not so strong. And for some reason I want to be outside more, I want to cook out and eat out and even sketch or create outside. It seems to feed my inner self and give me energy. How does it affect you?

Tonight is the full moon. I have noticed my sleep patterns changing in the last few days and it has me wondering and scratching my head.......

I will leave you with a pretty one!


  1. Great post! It's the Pisces full moon (my sign) so I've slept very well the last couple of days. ; ) I too want to be outside more lately as I know what is coming. I was thinking if not a bountiful year perhaps Gods way of saying it will be an easy winter.

  2. Gail, what ever the reason I have been sleeping like a baby! I like the way you think as far as winter goes. It would be nice to have an easy one. Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Such wonderful perspectives you present. Certainly the shorter days are a reminder to enjoy the outdoors while we can. It gives me a sense of urgency, get ready for winter!

  4. The spiders are awful here too. They keep rebuilding and in the same location (unless I kill them with the broom). The weather here is way too warm for September. Too humid.


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