Aug 19, 2015

Winging It Wednesday

It has been so hot around here! Well the temp is not that bad I guess if it were not for the humidity. I stepped outside this morning and right into the soup pot! At least that is what it felt like! The humidity is holding steady at 98%. Yes, you read that correct and it is not a typo. Its hot out there folks!!

With the weather like it is all we been eating this week is salads and fruit. So not a lot to share on that front.

The few thinss that do need to be done outside are getting tackled early. Like daylight early. And all that is outside moving around are things like this.

It was kind of neat getting to see him because it made me think about how long since I had seen one. I think it had been about 7 years.

I been spending days creating and getting ready for a show in late Sept. Here is a piece I completed yesterday.

Is it hot in your neck of the woods? What have you been creating lately?

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