Sep 2, 2015

Hump Day!

Hot and humid is the only way to explain it. But it is only September so what more can we expect. But it still seems as if the weather is a bit wonky if you ask me.

Still getting cucumbers from the garden.

Not getting enough at one time this year to put up for winter but plenty to eat and besides just eating them in salad or out of hand this is our favorite way to have them.

I have had a perpetual pickle jar in the fridge all summer long. This one has cucumbers and onions in it but sometimes you might find other tid bits of veggies just waiting for dinner or snack time. Now I done use a recipe for this but i will say I use equal parts vinegar and water and something to sweeten it just a touch. Just enough to take that "choke you" away from the vinegar! And I add lots of coarse ground black pepper.

I am a day late with the changing of the mug. Sorry about that, but yesterday was a true busy day. Now this month I had to think about what I really wanted to use as a mug and I decided I wanted to hold on to a little piece of summer. At least some of its memories!

What are you doing to hang on to a little bit of summer as we push closer to fall?

Now let me leave you with a bit of a teaser for the next blog post, newer is not always better. 

See you soon!


  1. One thing I know I will be doing, is taking the very last of the hot peppers and freezing them. Love the mug!

    1. I did not get to put any peppers up for winter. I love really big mugs. I think that one is about 23 oz.

  2. I must start a pickle jar! Such a good idea wish I had done it early summer. I didn't get any cucumbers this year due to one thing or another but farm stand ones would be great. Thanks for the tip! Nice memory of summer on that mug that's for sure.

    1. Oh Gail it is fun to know that my pickle jar has encouraged you to start one as well. We put all kinds of things in ours and just eat the older stuff first. I guess you could say it is like my sourdough starter. We eat out of it and then add to it.


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