Jul 13, 2015

Monday's Menus...Rain and more Rain!

Seems all it cares to do around here is rain. Everyday except saturday has been rain, and even saturday only had about 2 hours of sunshine. So in case any of you are looking for clear skies and sunshine, don't come knocking around here, because you surely won't find what you are looking for!

Rain makes me tired and sleepy. And the lack of energy makes it hard to accomplish the things on my list. So my list just keeps getting longer. But I am sure that if the good lord is willing the sunshine will return. After all I have not heard anything about the building of an arc! And he did promise he would not destroy the earth again by water. So I need to stop complaining and move forward as best I can.

Okay, now lets see about dinner this week. 

Monday.....fresh ham with new potatoes, onions and peppers in a foil packet. And also roasted corn on the cob, with a wedge salad.

Tuesday.....chopped salad and italian bread pizza

Wednesday.....chopped salad and whole wheat pasta with homemade marinara. 

Thursday.......bone broth soup and a salad

Friday.....chopped salad with tuna

Not sure what the weekend holds. We might have company and if so will probably grill out.

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  1. The menu looks great! We were flooded out yesterday, and it's going to rain again today.


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