Jul 20, 2015

Monday Musings and Menus

This has been a busy day and if I don't hurry and get this typed and posted it is going to be tuesday!

Hot! Hot! and so much rain and Hot! So the humidity is almost not even measurable it is so high. 

Here is what happens to the picnic table during all the rain and heat.

But that's okay because I can even see the beauty in this small batch of fungus that was sent my way this week.
Has god showed you beauty in an odd way lately? I would love it if you would share.

Menus for this week:

Monday......fish sandwiches with coleslaw and homemade tarter sauce, fresh green beans

Tuesday.....kielbasa with onions and green peppers, coleslaw and grilled carrots

Wednesday........grilled chicken, grilled yellow squash and a cucumber and onion salad

Thursday.....ranch beans, sauerkraut with onions and hot peppers and fried ho cakes 

Friday......chicken, peppers/onions served on navajo fry bread with spiced up greek yogurt and homemade salsa.

I just love hearing about what you guys are cooking. And remember that our forefathers did not have a grocery store to run to everyday/week/month and they still ate meals and lived well. So don't get strung out if you don't have something on hand, just take a deep breath and train yourself to cook from within your pantry. 


  1. Your menu looks great! I have more squash from the garden, so we'll be making foil packets for grilling.

  2. Kristina, we love yellow squash grilled and I do it right on the grill. Thin slice it lengthwise and coat with EVOO and a salt free mix of spices. Even hubs likes it this way.


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