Oct 3, 2014

Inspiration and Creativity

We wake up in the morning and as we move through our day we look, we see the things all around us. Sometimes we take these things for granted, almost not even seeing them. 

As a creative soul I sometimes think I see things that some never notice. For instance I will be outside hiking with a friend and when the hike is over and we begin to reflect on all we saw around us on the hike, I will remember everything that she points out that she saw. But no matter what I bring up she will say, I didn't see that.

But one thing we can all agree on is that inspiration is all around us. We just have to open our eyes to it. And sometimes we find it when we are not looking for it, in the simplest of places. I was over at "What I Made Today" and found the cutest little spirit pouches. Rose does some lovely work and is always eager to share so I am sure she won't mind me sharing her with all of you! Check it out Here!

See how cute they are!

And since I got excited about these little cuties I had to try my hand at making one. I am sure they are not just like the ones Rose made but they will hold my cell phone, credit card, drivers license and some cash. So beware inspiration is everywhere!

And I find these to be just like potato chips, I just couldn't stop at 1!

So be on the lookout, you never know when inspiration will strike.

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