Sep 5, 2015

Have A Safe And Happy Weekend

Whether you are traveling or staying at home I hope you enjoy your family and friends on this last weekend of summer. The last fling of summer!

Maybe a little BBQ'ing around here but that is about it. We will just enjoy a quiet weekend.

Let me share a few shots with you.

These are some beautiful blooms that are still showering me with their beauty from a window box. And my new manicure!

Here is what I am still getting from the garden. Just enough to eat on but I am not complaining at all.

Also still getting a few cucumbers but those will end soon. So the farmers market will be my go to for fresh veggies as we are trying to eat cleaner.

Have a fun weekend and be safe! See you all on Monday.

1 comment:

  1. Kim, it was too hot and humid to grill out in our area. I got a bit of gardening done, but we mostly just stayed indoors. We too are getting enough to eat, and our Farmer's market ends this month.


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