Feb 6, 2015

Girl Talk Friday

Well it is cold outside. The weatherman says we are having these extreme cold temps with no snow to speak of because it is dry. And it is dry because we have had no snow. Boy being a weatherman is tough! I am a bit more concerned about what no snow means to the water tables come spring and summer. Could be a problem for gardeners and local farmers.

Had a wonderful breakfast this morning of veggie hash and fried eggs. Here is a pic of the hash, it looked so good I could not resist a picture. 

It has broccoli, cauliflower, onion, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms and a dash of a salt free seasoning. Its yummy, and the perfect way to get your veggies for breakfast.

Well along with it being February and cold and gray outside. I have to say that the winter is catching up with me. Can we all say depressing! It is for me! I would like to be like that crazy groundhog from Pennsylvania and crawl in a hole! It seems this winter my body is not adjusting to the cold. I have always been out in it and not had a problem. But not this year. I try to go out in it and I just freeze. I mean the other day I was so cold and hubs said, "you must have a fever". I do not have a fever, I am cold, not hot! But to please him I took it anyway! 2x's with .....2 different thermometers, are you ready for this..... 92.2*. And of course I said I told you so!! Had to take a hot bath to get warmed up. 

Not only am I freezing but I need some sunshine. We get a ray every now and then and I am so grateful when we do. But I can't wait till April when we can count on it more often. So in the mean time I am doing all I can to "put some sunshine in my life" And lately I have been doing that with my sketchpad. 

So tell me what kinds of things are you doing to beat the "winter blues"  All I can say is I am not going to take this cold and gray winter sitting down! I am determined to go down fighting or hopefully not go down at all! 

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  1. I've been deep cleaning, but spent last night working on birthday presents for our oldest daughter. It's been fun to find lost treasures too, ha ha!


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