Nov 18, 2014

What Are You Making For Christmas

Every year I think of all the things I want to make for christmas gifts and every year the time catches me and I end up buying alternatives.

Well I have done better this year at making a few items, so far at least. I have worked on some handmade dish towels and dishcloths. 

I have made a couple of sets of wrist warmers and I want to make boot cuffs to match them.

As well as some hair flowers/bows for my darling little granddaughter. She is the sweetest thing on earth!

I know thats not much but it is better than years past. And I still have some time left to work on a few other things.

So what are you working on for gifts? Or what do you hope to get around to making? 


  1. Hi Kim. Just found your blog from your comment on mine �� thank you.... Yes vi am making mist of our gift giving this year....find it not only cost saving but sentimental... I have made two quilts for two if our grandsons, a crocheted blanket for granddaughter, hubby has made a barn wood DVD cabinet with a antler handle for son, needs to make a barn wood cabinet with a old farmhouse window for door for daughter, another daughter and husband are getting a crocheted blanket, making texting gloves for both daughters, and then each will get a store bought needed item....I love creating so this makes it more special......

  2. You are really on the ball! I wish I could say I was but I am going to be happy with what i get done and try not to be down on myself. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you come back often.


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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