Nov 21, 2014

Thankfulness and Thanksgiving Dinner

As the weather starts to get colder. And the sun shines less and less. Sometimes its hard to make ourselves stop and realize the thankfulness that is in our hearts. But it is no less important for us to do. So I try to make myself pause and actually write them down when I get in this kinda spot.

I am thankful for the health of my family. 

All of my grandchildren.

I am thankful for deer meat that I canned this week.

A home that keeps us warm and dry.

A husband that loves me.

I am thankful for a daughter-in-law that loves my son and is a wonderful mother to my granddaughter.

I am also thankful for the sunshine when it pops through the clouds, even though it is 20 degrees outside.

The weekend ahead is a full one, making lists to prepare for Thanksgiving and then Christmas beyond. It seems I must have a list for everything anymore. That has just manifested itself in the last few years, but I try to ride with the tide on it so I can stay organized. (a bit, at least!)

So tell me what is that one dish that must be on your Thanksgiving table? Now don't bomb out here and tell me turkey! I know all about the turkey. I want to know about that special side dish or salad or maybe a dessert that your mom or grandma always made and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it. I can't wait to read the comments and see what special items I have been missing.


  1. One dish that is always a "must" is cheesy potatoes. We still experiment with vegetable recipes, and I am bringing back a dessert recipe my Mom used to make.

    1. Don't just tempt me about your moms recipe! That mean!! You really have me wondering now.

  2. We always have coleslaw. And there is always a relish tray. Wouldn't be Thanksgiving without either one of those.

  3. Hi Sue, nice to see you. I have been wondering about you lately. You know I will eat almost anything! But as a child coleslaw was one of those things. But now as an adult I can't get enough of it. I started only wanting it on things like hot dogs or BBQ or fish sandwich. But now just give me the bowl and a spoon!


I try my best to read every comment. And I love hearing from you all.

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