Jul 19, 2014

Things In My Head

There are at least a million things going through my head and I got to get some of them out of there! If for no other reason than to make room for some more......LOL! Have you ever felt that way or am I the only one?

We are leaving one month from today to go on vacation and I am so excited. I am already making lists and trying to get it together.

And of course I would love to lose a few more pounds before we go.

Whether we want to think about it or not, we are more than halfway through the year and those of us who create things to sell for the holidays had better be hot at as we are running out of time.

Weeds!! They are everywhere. In every bed and every garden I have. I go to bed and sleep at night, but not them, they grow all night long! And then they spend their days growing some more and laughing at me!

The hubs and I have been making some major changes in our lifestyle as far as how we think about food. We are trying to replace those comfort foods from days gone by with good for us foods that fuel our bodies. And it seems like some days all I have time for is thinking about what I am going to fix for the next meal. But I know in the long run this will pay off big time! So it excites me to move forward with this one.

I have a new granddaughter and it seems everywhere I turn is something else I want to make for her. As well as lots of things waiting in the wings to make for Christmas gifts. I really have to get started.

Well this could go on and on here but I believe I have cleaned out enough of my head to make room for some more ideas and items to remember. Shish! I really needed that!

Now I think I am going to go and sit down and give myself a pedicure. Relax and Breathe, I need to do more of this.

How about you? What have you done lately to take care of yourself?


  1. I have really lacked exercise. We are jamming in family time with Son and family before he has to leave again. I have yet to start my Christmas making and am so far behind with all the preserving going on right now too.

    1. You deserved every minute of the time you took with your son. But sorry to say now you have to catch up!


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