Nov 26, 2010

Let The Shopping Begin

I heard the bell sound this morning.

No not the Wallstreet bell, the bell signaling for the shopping frenzy to begin. Did you hear the bell too?  Did you take off before the crack of dawn to get inline and shop till you dropped?

Well not me. I slept in this morning in a nice warm bed and then I got up to a pot of coffee and turned on the computer. You see this year I have made a deal with myself. I am not going to shop the big Corporations this year. Instead I am going to help all the little business I can by shopping with the little guys.

Now there is probably lots of ways to do this but the best way I found is to shop on ETSY. You can find anything you want on etsy. Lots of handmade items from quality craftsman. Artist with the greatest skills I have ever seen all in one place. Also Vintage items can be found on etsy. A huge assortment of collectibles which make great gifts for that "picker" on your gift list.

You can even shop on etsy to fill up your goodies table for that holiday party you are putting on. All kinds of chocolate.  Suckers and chocolate. Chocolate covered pretzels. Caramel apples and did I mention chocolate.

This is a collection of items that will show an assortment all in one place, take a look at this treasuryBNR If you are a seller on etsy this will be of total interest to you. It is a BNR (buy n replace). So come have some fun with us and let us see what you got. This is a great way to promote your shop.


  1. I would like to avoid the big corp stores too but it seems my grown children have different tastes. Nice items on your treasury though.

  2. I share your sentiments and did I mention chocolate? Mr. Zeke's staring at me (Backyard) again!

  3. Roxie and Backyard.....thanks so much for stopping in and tal=king time to read my blog.

    I do have to say that I buy according to what I want them to have and taking into account there likes and dislikes. Roxie my son is military and he like survival things so I got him a bracelet made from 50 feet of rip cord and it is made so that you pull one cord and it will come apart ot be used. Pretty neat. SOmething for everyone one on etsy.

    Did I mention chocolate!!! Zeke don't stare!!!

  4. I like to skip the 'big boxes', too, and keep things simple =) It's more relaxing and way more fun!

    That bracelet sounds really cool!


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