Dec 4, 2010

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

It is  early in December but old man winter is coming in full force.

I thought I would share a bit of what was going on in my neck of the woods today.

It seemed to not ever quit snowing. I think it is pretty and I love to watch it.

I love the way the snow is on the trees and I always have to remind myself that that is not man made. Only the father can make something this beautiful.

The snow is still falling as I am sharing this with you and I don't mind telling you I am planning a slow and quit day tomorrow.

Just a little bit of my world.....


  1. Wish we had some of your snow here, not going to happen. Enjoy it for me.


  2. Beautiful photos. I really miss the walks in the snow during a full moon. What I miss the most is sledding on a dairy farm during a full moon. Life was grand back then.


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