Oct 13, 2010

What's a Swap?

Some of you may know already. But after reading this and viewing all the photos, the rest of you will be looking to find one to attend. This swapmeet was in Lucasville, Ohio. And I cannot think of a thing that they did not have. As long as you were willing to dig alittle.

A swap, is a vintage lovers paradise. A place where all things are for sale and no price is set in stone.  Wow!! What more could you ask for?

How about food? If you will notice the guy in the gray sweatshirt walking toward the camera. He is eating a giant corndog .......and it is all of maybe 8:10 am.

There was pizza and something called a Big "T", which was a pork tenderloin that had been pounded till it was about an 11 inch round and then breaded and deep fried. They made a sandwich out of this and you add your own toppings. Also have smoked turkey legs. Oh, and before I forget they also had grilled bbq bologna on a bun.

*******I have to add here that I ate none of this. I take my own food.********

Now this brings us to the animals. All kinds could be found. I saw more goats on leashes than I did dogs. And some of them didn't like....... it if you know what I mean! Here is just a few pics of some animals and there were many more.

The fellow on the right just purchased the geese and now he has to figure out how to carry them

This guy was trying to walk his burro. But the burro had other ideas so the guy decided to rest a while and see if progress might go faster after a bit. Hehehe!

This gentleman proudly posed for a picture with his prize rooster. he even asked if I wanted him to smile.

It was pretty warm that day ....in the upper 80's. And this guy got hot and tired and just decided that was as far as he was going.  If you'll notice he actually picked a spot that was shadded by a big maple tree.

The swaps are always fun and you never know what you will find, or better yet what you will see!!

Well now I hope you enjoyed your trip to the swapmeet. I wish you could have been with me. I had a blast.


  1. Great photos. I wonder if the fella ended up carrying the donkey.

  2. je.nature....I am not sure but he tried pushing and pulling with no luck!! Also tried food!! And then just sat down for awhile.

  3. Oh my gosh I so would have loved to be there!! so many treasures to find!! TFS!~!

  4. that was quite a swap! I love going to yard sales and thrift stores, too. I loved the little donkey.


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