Oct 18, 2010

Know What My House Smells Like Tonight?

It smells just like this................

It was a little chilly in the house so I thought I would warm it up and create something wonderful for dessert at the same time. So I threw a blackberry cobbler in the oven and it made the house smell sooooooo good! So I guess they call that a triple. No wait, hubby thought it tasted so yummy that I got a hug and kiss as well. So one cobbler caused all of that? I call that a home run!!!


  1. I'll let you make another one, how's that. Better yet, I'll eat it too.
    Please tell Mr. Zeke to stop staring at me, I'm trying to think.

  2. We love blackberry cobblers! I bet it was good. I'll be making one on Friday to take to our church dinner, they have come to expect it each month. I have recipes for the ones I make on my blog. As I said before, we love blackberry cobblers. . . and blackberry crumbles are good, too.


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