Oct 18, 2010

Simple pleasures

I am a list maker. Now like today I have a morning list and an afternoon list. Things on the list include laundry, dishes, baking, bathrooms and several phone calls. Afternoon is blow leaves and mow.

Well I just sat down to have a bit of lunch and mark off the "done" things on the list. Now, I did not get the phone calls done so I will do those after I eat and then I will move on to the afternoon list.

I know I am not as extreme as some with the list and I do not have a meltdown if I lose the list or don't get all of it done. I just add it to the next day!!!

This is something that I just realized brings me the most comforting sense of accomplishment. Marking off those things that I completed. Wow!! Makes me feel good and gives me something at the end of the day to look at and see what all I got finished.

At my age, I might forget before bedtime!!!

What gives you those simple little pleasures in life?


  1. I like the simple pleasures of getting things done, too. Only I haven't been getting that many things done lately.

  2. Lately, I have been better about getting things done if I have a list too. It seems to help anyway.


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