Aug 8, 2016

Weekly menus

Now this weeks menus is going to be a bit different. Since it is only me this week. I have planned for meals on the fly.

So I cooked a chicken in the crockpot, then placed in the fridge to cool and deboned it and placed the bones along with another package of bones I had in the freezer back in the crockpot and made about a gallon of bone broth. The broth was strained and packaged in 2 cup containers in the freezer for winter use. But the chicken is in the fridge waiting for me.

I also peeled and sliced a golden honey dew melon.

Washed and placed a lot of fresh veggies in the fridge to be grabbed when needed.

Made a loaf of sourdough for toast and open face sandwiches.

Boiled a dozen eggs and put in fridge.

I also have items to make guacamole, so that will be done one day and a guac salad will be enjoyed.

And I also have yogurt and cottage cheese in the fridge.

So food this week for me will be on the fly. Grab it and go.

But this is an example of how you can eat healthy and quick with just a little planning ahead!

Share with us some of your tricks for eating healthy and quick.


  1. I've been grabbing frozen blueberries to make yogurt smoothies lately. No time to cook most days with the garden.

    1. Add some kale to that smoothie along with a half a beet and some flax seeds or chia and you got all you need. And the added bonus is that it is cool and refreshing as well as quick.


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