Aug 29, 2016

Beautiful Things

It has been busy around here and busy means some things just don't get done. And lately it seems that I am not posting much.

Maybe that will change as the weather does, or doesn't. It has been so hot and humid this summer. The air is thick and breathing is hard to do in the midday sun. As you look around outside there is beauty everywhere though.

The trees are green and sky is so blue. I love seeing the beauty that God has created. 

This banana leaf is way above my head. And look at all the shades of green that are showing with the sunshine and shadows.

Black-eyed Susan and Four O'clock, now that I look at this picture I believe I took it at the wrong time of the day! Oops! Must have been before 4pm! But it's still pretty.

So no matter how hot or humid it gets there is still beauty all around us. We just have to decide to see it sometimes. So I have been trying to take time to see the beauty. Even if sometimes I have to do it from inside by looking out the window.

Sometimes it is just to hot to go outside. At least that is the way I felt on this day. 

And I am in West Virginia, I can only imagine how you all are feeling who are further south.

 Everyone take care and enjoy the beauty that is around you, even if you have to do it by looking out the window!


  1. Love the last part. Even if I have to look out dirty windows, ha ha!

    1. Well I wasn't going to mention that part! Lol! But how did you know?


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