Aug 1, 2016

Weekly Menu

I am so tired of this hot weather. But then complaining does not change a thing. So I just do what I can to deal with the heat and one way is not turning on the oven or cooking much inside at all for that matter. 

So as much cooking as possible is being done on the grill. It is kinda amazing at the things you can cook on the grill if you just think about it. 

Also been cooking with as much fresh produce as possible,  it won't be long till we will be resorting to what has been stored in the jars or freezer.

So this week goes as follows. tacos and grilled zucchini

Tuesday......Turkey Kielbasa and grilled veggies (zucchini/onion/potato)

Wednesday......grilled chicken and root veggies (carrots/beets/parsnips)

Thursday......chopped salad with chicken from last night

Friday......steak with roasted potatoes and corn on the firepit.

Each night I always have a plate of slice tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers as a side dish.

So why don't you share what kind of meals you are having to keep you out of the kitchen. I would love some more ideas


  1. My DH and I have enjoyed just having fresh tomatoes and cukes for a cool, quick meal. We are grilling veggie kabobs along with burgers. Also, I make homemade pizza on the grill using my pizza stone! Yummy!

    1. Sounds yummy! Nothing better than fresh produce.
      Thanks for stopping in.


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