Apr 8, 2014

Tasty Tuesday and Old Memories

Today is a day that I always share a recipe with you and I promise I will but first I want to share something else. When I was in Jr. High (yes I said Jr. High, not Middle School) I surely just dated myself, I had a wonderful friend and her father had a job that moved her away from where I lived. It got her closer to family (grand parents and such) but I really felt left behind. But we were determined to write often and stay in touch as best we could. And write often we did.......I have to admit here that I still have those boxes of letters in my attic!

Well I have something that she made for me for my 18th birthday and I use it everyday. I wanted to share it with you and to say that this small things bring such joy to my life. 

It is a recipe box. Now I know that with computers and such out there today folks probably do not have these like back in the day, but I love mine. And since I am the type of person who prays by association, everytime I see this, guess who gets prayed for.

This is a shot of inside the lid and how she personalized it for me.

Now as you can see it is well used and stuffed full of recipes that I love to use and revisit the memories they bring. OMGoodness! I just did the math and I have had this for........(wait for it).....36 years!

Well that might be something that you never even wanted to know but I sure enjoyed sharing it with you!!

Now for a recipe that is kinda a family tradition for our families Easter table.

If you look at the name of this recipe you will know for certain when I attained it! It was given to me by a lady that I attended church with. She would make this and bring it to church functions and dinners and I ask her for the recipe as I was starting to fill my recipe box. Notice how she added her name to the upper right corner of the card. Guess who I just prayed for?


  1. Wow talk about taking me back. Looking at that box and the handwriting brought a smile to my face. Still love butterflies. What's the recipe though. And if you go through my recipe box there are recipes from you for Stuff which we still make every year and reminisce about you. Thanks for your post.

    1. Hi there, it does our hearts good to remember old times. I am not sure where the recipe went, but I will try to repost. I can remember the term"stuff" but not what it is?

  2. I use a recipe box too, but it's not that old (ha ha!). Love it! I would love to find USA made, wooden recipe boxes for my kids.

    1. Good Luck with that! I do know what you mean though. So many do not even use them anymore.


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