Apr 4, 2014

Feel Good Friday

I will have to admit that my "feel good" started on Thursday evening. I attended Zumba class with friends and had a great time burning off some calories. After class I joined a couple of ladies for an impromptu dinner at Chipotles. We had great food that was staying within my calories for the day. So that made me feel good.

The conversation was wonderful and relaxing. There was a peacefulness around us during dinner. Although it was pouring down the rain outside. We chatted for a while and then parted, going our separate ways for the evening. 

But on Friday morning as the birds started to chirp their morning songs and I was still laying in bed I could already tell that today was going to be a different day. Today was going to be a day filled with energy and relaxing moments even though I was going to be busy all day long. 

This is amazing to me that friendships can reward us in such astounding ways. So search out those amazing moments in your life and EXPECT to receive a blessing. He is good in so many ways.  

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