Oct 17, 2015

Frosty Saturday

The frost was heavy this morning on the roof tops. In fact the temps are still dropping as I write this. At 6 am. it was 38* and now (8:30) it is 36*. Suppose to be even colder tonight. And then warm back up for the week.

So this morning will be spent in the kitchen, doing some cooking and using the heat to warm the house a bit. Not sure what just yet but I will share later on.

It will warm up later today (50's) so I will try to get some more of the fall cleanup completed. The part that gets me about the cleanup is that my father is 87 years old and he has a huge garden and his cleanup is complete and all his winter wheat is planted. But then I have to remember that he doesn't do things like cooking, house chores, etc.....! But still.

I love the weather it gives such a calmness to itself. Fall is like the sun setting on the season. It seems like a time to slow down and relax and reflect on oneself.

This is a picture of the Blackwater River in NW West Virginia.

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