Dec 8, 2014

Weekend review and Weekly Menus

Well this weekend was a bust! 

I had big plans like getting all the Christmas decor finished and the gifts organized and wrapped. I even had a Holiday Craft Show I wanted to attend. Well here is what actually got done.


The stomach bug joined me for the weekend and my plans went out the window. So here it is Monday morning and I am trying to regroup and get back on track as soon as possible. Still need to organize the Christmas gifts and maybe get started on the wrapping by tomorrow. Christmas decor is coming along slow but sure. I am not doing a lot this year but it seems like it takes me longer each year to put up half what I used to do! 

Last weeks menus kinda got derailed since I did not eat anything from Thursday nights dinner till Sunday afternoon. So yesterdays dinner was the veggie pizza from fridays menu and I will move the steaks to this week.

Monday........chicken/sausage stew with a good crusty sourdough bread

Tuesday.......homemade waffles, turkey bacon and blueberries from my freezer.

Wednesday.........chopped salad, grilled chicken breast and grilled carrots and onions

Thursday........left over stew from monday and grilled cheese sandwiches from the sourdough

Friday...........grilled ribeyes, baked potatoes and chopped salad

Saturday..........Christmas Movie Night! Small cheese ball/whole grain crackers, cut up veggies and dip, homemade kettle corn and a few flourless oatmeal cookies with cranberries.

Sunday......not sure yet.......maybe joining friends for dinner.

So what is everyone else doing for the week? Do you have special nights during the holidays where you maybe don't cook a real meal? If you do please share as it is only dh and I at home now and I am trying to kick in some new traditions so the holidays won't seem so empty.


  1. First, I hope you start feeling better soon. We took are delayed in more decorating. Tonight we are eating pizzas with my homemade pizza sauce. Tomorrow maybe BBQ pork chops, rice and greens.

    1. You have alot on your plate with Sadie and hubs both sick. Just try and slow down and enjoy the season.

  2. I love how you describe the decorating. That's exactly how I feel. I decorated last mature and I'm okay with that. Hope you feel better soon enjoy reading your posts

    1. Hi Sue, I would really like to run off and come back around the time of your birthday! Happy Holidays!

  3. Kim,
    Your menu sounds delicious! Hope you feel better soon.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Merry Christmas!


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