Jan 18, 2014

Winters Tough

Its cold outside and it seems it has been that way for ever. Arctic blasts with wind chill below zero.

Cold, wind and no sunshine! GRRRR! It is not a good combo for me.

And then the other day a friend said she was getting out her "happy light" and the light went on in my head.

This is the time of year with less sunshine and it does affect us in a lot of ways. 

Energy levels are at their all time lows for me. And that does not sit well as I do stay busy and on the move. But with less energy I cannot achieve the things I would like to within a day. But that does not seem to keep folks from requiring the same of me.

Moods are something else that take a big hit with the sunshine dimmer or non existing. Just ask the hubs, oh heck, you could even ask the dogs! I find that it not only affect me but hubs and the dogs are getting a dose of it as well.

Well a happy light might be the perfect cure. But I don't have one, so I have had to get creative in finding things to help me through this time of the year. 

The first thing that I had to work on was the energy level, which was non existent. So I have started to exercise. I walk, do kick boxing or Zumba for at least an hour 5 days a week. It has help, the energy has picked up a great deal. I am also being very careful to not eat any processed food. I am eating fresh and raw about 90% of the time.

Now for the mood, what could I do that would make a difference? Well I take 30 minutes for me.
  Now I have a devotion time every morning already, but this is different. This is a time I listen to relaxing music, sip a cup of tea or hocho while sitting in my chase lounge surrounded by my furry friends. So it is a time to relax and energize.

I also fine having things like these around me in winter is a big help and I had not even thought about it till all this began.

And when I started talking about it and began trying to change some of the feeling and such well Hubs went out one afternoon and came back with these.

They have such a wonderful aroma. I have taken care of them and cut the stems under water several times and replaced the water with fresh. So far yesterday was 2 weeks since he gave them to me. I think this is all working together to help those winter blues.

What do you do to fight the Blues?

****** "Hocho" is a word that we use for Hot Chocolate!


  1. Hi there friend. Thanks for reminding me that the winter blues get to me every year too. I also used to buy myself flowers every two weeks in the winter just to keep the blues away.

    1. Hello and great to see you. The flowers help to brighten the day, but the exercise has been the real kicker for me. I would love to chat sometime.

  2. Beautiful flowers and photos. Spring will come! :)


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