Jan 17, 2014


How many hats do you wear? Okay, I admit I am not talking about your ball caps or wide brimmed beach hats.

No sirree, the direction I am trying to get your head to going is that of perhaps chief cook and bottle washer or maybe you cut hair in your family. Or maybe you do several things to help bring financial income into your family. 

I met a lady this past week and she really got me to thinking. She was a professional who had worked in that field for many years. She had in the mean time taken classes and acquired several different certificates and license to do other things. Some of these things she did while working her regular job and now she is retired and does all of them at some point in the week or month. It made me realize how interesting this lady was and how much energy she had and what all she was capable of doing and doing well.

So I ask you, are you satisfied with what you do now or would you like to enrich your life and that of your families? Perhaps even adding money to the household income?

I do several things and some of them add some income but this has really got me to thinking about my life and what I want to add to this world or at least my little part of it.

So how about it will you share what you do now or what you would like to do in the future?


  1. I have a friend who is still a volunteer at 92 years old. She has tutored, been active at church in a variety of ways, helped her local clothing and food bank distributions, and much more. She is amazing!

    1. Wow, I sure hope I am kicking that strong at 92 years old.


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