Aug 19, 2012

Summer's Bounty

Summer is a busy time. And this summer has been a hot time as well. So I will have to say that I have spent as much time as possible with my body submerged in water. Now it really did not matter to me if I was in a swimming pool, a lake or the ocean, as long as the water was cool and refreshing.

But as you all know summer is also the time for produce from the gardens and the country side. So here is some of what else I have been doing this summer.

These are bread and butter pickles and they will be so good during the long winter ahead.

Peaches that we bought while in South Carolina were canned up in pint jars to enjoy this winter as cobbler, shortcake or perhaps with some cottage cheese.

The rest of the peaches became peach jam. This was taste tested by the grand while it was still warm and it recieved 2 thumbs up.

Most of the time I do not capture pictures that I am extremely fond of but an exception was made when I seen this one. It is peaceful and relaxing to me and I can even hear the seagulls as I look at it. Now you might ask what in the world this has to do with "Summer's Bounty"? Well look to the left, this guy is cleaning the days catch and that is summers bounty at its best.


  1. I love bread and butter pickles! I didn't make pickles this year, even though we had tons of cucumbers. Long time ago Grandma used to can lots of peaches. My Uncle Rob would buy bushels of them at the old Patrick Street Market and bring them to her. Your peach jam sure looks nice!

  2. Thank you Janet. The jam sure disappeared so it must have been good.

  3. I used to eat many a canned vegetable from my Great-Grandmother supper table back in Ceredo, WV! My favorite was her pickled corn and green beans!

    I know your peaches would be delish! Missing you ;-)


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