Aug 28, 2012

Summer Memories

School has started back and all is left of summer are the memories that we have. And we can relive those special times in our hearts anythime we want to. I am sure you made memories with loved ones this summer so think about all the ways you can share them and enjoy them over and over again.

The first thing that comes to mind is "pictures". So I will share a few with you.

Seeing my grandson enjoy the surf was the best.  Just looking at this picture makes me hear the surf and relive the giggles that were going on.

I adore it when I see him and papaw doing something together that they both enjoy and this was one of those things for sure. There was so much excitement going on that I don't think either one of them got much sleep the night before.

This seagull was after the tiniest of crabs I had ever seen. They were very fast in the mud at low tide, but the seagull not so fast. He missed alot before he finally caught one.

I am sure I will find other ways to enjoy summer's days gone by!

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