Aug 30, 2011

Ladies best friend

Do you have certain times that Chocolate is your best friend?

       Times when you can't think of anything you really want to eat, except chocolate?

How about the only thing better than chocolate, is chocolate with nuts?

     Or something made of moist chocolate and marshmallow?

Well, I got something I need to share with you.

     I have a very complicated recipe that takes for ever to make and takes lots of ingredients

                                                                       to prepare.

But if you are like me these are not the kind of recipes that get made very often.

      So I have taken this recipe and knocked the ingredients down, as well as the time it takes to

                                                                       make and made it super easy and yummy.

Now listen up and I will walk you through it and I am only going to say this once!!

      Take 2 boxes of brownie mix and mix according to directions for chewy brownies.

Pour onto a greased sheet pan with edges. Spread it evenly and bake according to directions.

       10 minutes before they are set, remove from the oven and cover brownies with mini

 marshmallows and sprinkle with chopped pecans. Return to oven and bake till brownies are set and mini's are melted and starting to brown slightly.

Now open a container of dark chocolate fudge frosting and spoon into an micro safe bowl.

       Warm in 15 second intervals till melted (do not burn). After removing brownies from oven, take a large spoon and drizzle as much chocolate over the top as you want.

Here is what they look like when complete:

                As you can see it makes a large pan which is perfect for company or to take to a tailgate or for the "girls night in" that you just might have to throw since you learned how to make these!!

By the way these are called, "Ooey Gooey Rich and Chewy Rocky Road Brownies"

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  1. I just signed up to follow you. That chocolate looks very good!


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