Jun 10, 2011

God Shared a miracle.

I believe that there are signs from god all around us. We just have to stop and see them.

We never know where they will be or what they will mean to us.

The beauty that only he can make is the most wonderful thing in the world to see.

I was blessed to get to see these beautiful creatures right in my front yard.

Just wanted to share them with you.


  1. Those are something else, aren't they? God has made some beautiful creatures - big and small.

  2. What great photos!! Oh my, Zeke's staring at me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Backyard)

  3. We had a couple of those hatch a few years ago. I'd found their huge brown crysalis in a bush out front, and put them in the garage to watch. It seems you will only see them when they hatch, and then they are gone! Soooo pretty!


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