Sep 26, 2010

FleaMarket Finds!!!

  It was cool and brisk this morning. The perfect time to make a trip to the fleamarket. As I arrived I saw some of the usual vendors and a few new faces. I knew from experience to start off with the new folks first.

This gentleman pulled in with a 14 foot flatbed trailer in tow behind his pickup truck. All the contents of the trailer were covered well with a huge tarp. As he and his wife were removing the tarp I was standing back watching, with a few other folks that had gathered around. As the tarp came off he looked up at us all and said, "1-2-3 GO!!! And that was all it took. You might say we were off to the races. Hehehe!!!

I thought I might share what I found today. Some of it I will keep and some will go to an antique booth I have. I hope you enjoy!!

This is an over view of the whole days gatherings!!

Now here is a closer shot of some of the items.

You can see starting on the left a minnow bucket with a veggie slicer on top of it. A rubber mallet, a box of 4 casters for a bed frame and 2 pulley wheels are in front of the wash tub.

 I have another photo from a different view!!

Here you see an old framed print of the "old mill" and a bait box sitting in front of an old metal kitchen stool

One more pic and that will be the whole bunch.

This shows the top part of the stool, a pack of plain white envelopes a tin travel soap box and a measuring cup for the hubby to use in the garage.

Now I had a great time today and found some neat stuff. But the bad part is that one of the regular vendors came over as I was leaving and told me he was going this evening to buy out an estate and would have it all there in the morning at 7am.  So you know where I will be. If I can go get some sleep. There may be more pics tomorrow!!!


  1. Very cool finds! Some of this looks strangely familiar... oh, yeah - in my livingroom....=p

  2. Love to see little treasures. Nice to see a veggie slicer NOT made out of plastic.
    Hope you had more luck today.


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