Jan 2, 2017

Time To Catch Up

Well Happy New year to everyone! 

It has been a while since I posted. And I have had a tad bit of surgery on my hand and arm. It was my dominate hand so I am still trying to get things back to normal. But the range of motion is coming back pretty quickly and I am already not having the numbness and the pain and swelling I was having before, so it's a good thing!

So not being able to do some of my normal stuff right here around the first of the new year has given me a lot of time to think and "create" in my mind. And I have decided that there is a lot of things I want to create in the coming year.

I want to create a happy home. 

I want to create more time to spend in God's word.

I want to create more time for hubs and I to spend doing the things we enjoy together.

I want to create yummy food that is healthy for us both.

I want to create relaxing and invigorating friendships with other like minded folks.

I want to create and teach some creative workshops for children.

I want to create art and rugs and some new free form weavings. 

I could go on with this list but I will stop and just say that 2017 is the year you will find me Creating! So follow me here and see what each day holds. You never know what kind of creating you might see going on.

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