Oct 26, 2016

Created By Americans

You see it written on tags and merchants us it in advertising. But how many of you look for it? I mean really look for it. Like won't make the purchase until you find it was made in the USA?

I have always been big on this myself. Being a maker I like to support other like minded souls. It takes some time and extra effort to find what you are looking for sometimes. But the quality and workmanship are always worth it. And I love the satisfaction that I have helped the little guy right here on American soil.

Think about the current state of our Country (think indebtedness)! Now sure, it was not you or me that got us in this place to start with. Or was it? I mean the government spends more money that you or I put together, right? So no one could ever blame this on us, right?

Well think about what I am saying. I mean really think about it. It won't make your head hurt to bad, I promise!

Let me just throw out an example here. Lets say the lamp on your night stand gets broken and you need a new lamp. 

Now there are several options.
  •  You could create a new one yourself
  • Find a local person to make one for you
  • Get on the internet and source one from a USA craftsman
  • or find one on the internet from somewhere that requires a (slow) boat to get it to you
  • or run down to the local mall or Wally World and grab one quick and easy. 
Now before you all start pointing out other options let me say that I know they are out there. I just wanted to give us an assortment of ideas to process here. So we were all thinking along the same lines.

So I guess first off we have to ask ourselves how fast we want that new lamp. If we "got" to have it today then number 5 is the only choice you got. If you don't mind waiting for it and want it at the least expensive price then number 4 is a good fit. If you are looking for a quality piece that you have some say in the look and feel of the finished item, one that is crafted right here in USA then you could choose 1,2 or 3!

Now we get down to the nitty gritty! If you make the decision to pick American Made then you are choosing to put America first. Giving work to those folks who are trying to support their families with the God given talents they have within them. Keeping work inside the USA!

 What would that do for America's economy? 
Could it help? 
Would in increase our wealth?

I know we were only talking about a lamp. But come on people and think. Its your money and shouldn't you be putting it into our Countries economy? Should you be making better choices of where you spend your money? Now maybe it costs a bit more to buy American Made.  But I think we deserve a better quality product. And I also do not "need" it as fast as I think I do sometimes. 

Americans we all need to do our part and to stop blaming others for the problem. It takes us all doing our small part.

Proud To Be an American and standing here saying to you that my money will stay in America.

How about you?


  1. Kim, many of the clothing lines that Harley Davidson uses is made in China. Hubby found another biker clothing store that makes clothes in the USA. And I get lots of compliments when we are out riding. With Hubby down for the count, I went to an Etsy seller, and purchased my potato bin that way this year (vs. build one).

    1. It is very hard to find things some time. but imagine if all Americans made it a priority!


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