May 28, 2016

In Memory Of.....

The last post I did.

It was a while ago, I keep thinking I will wait for something to happen in my life worth writing about. But it seems that I live a boring life to say the least. So I guess I will share some of my boring life with you.

I have been piddling away in the yard and gardens. We have had so much rain that it has almost been impossible to do anything in the ground. But my potatoes are planted (not in the ground) and several pots of flowers are planted and even beginning to grow and fill in the pots. Green onions are something we have been eating from for a month or so. In fact the second batch has been planted to come along a bit later on. Sorry there are no pictures but since I did not feel this was all worthy of blog space I did not take any. But I promise I will get some and share them in a later post.

My darling Hubs has taken several fishing trips and so yesterday he decided that I needed to go out to eat. This is something we do not do very often, for several reasons. (1) It is just to easy to put a meal on the table at home. (2) If I cook it then I know what is in it. (3) It saves a lot of money to cook at home. But he had a coupon to our favorite restaurant (Cheddar's), so we got dressed and headed out for a fun evening. We were seated quickly and in a very nice location. We decided to pass on the appetizer and just get a house salad to begin our meal. Then I was served the cajun pasta with shrimp and crabmeat. And Hubs had Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. My pasta was divine! Hubs does not eat seafood so it was a treat for me!

While we were eating and talking this is what the scenery looked like. 

It was fun watching the fish in the tank while were were eating. But truth be known I think they had just as much fun watching us.

Enjoy your weekend everyone and be safe out there!

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