Jun 30, 2014

Another Month Gone!

Well another month has come and gone. Half a year, where did it go ? It seems the more I try to get done, the more there is to do! I am determined by the end of the year to get caught up. If someone would just stop the world for just a few hours days weeks month. Thats it, if we only had an extra month in this year! But since I know that is not going to happen, I am just going to have to become more determined than ever to just git'r done!

So I have a question, is it me or do the rest of you have this same problem?

So no matter what happens I still want to wish you all a "happy second half" of the year.

Jun 21, 2014

Its Been Like A Whirlwind

Wow, where does time go? It seems like yesterday was the first day of Spring! The birds started to be more active and you could see them flying about with twigs in their beaks, knowing that nesting was on the agenda.

Then we saw seeds begin to germinate and if you will tell the truth, after the winter we had you were glad to see anything sprouting.....even the weed seeds!

I have been so busy and today I realized I haf missed Spring and Summer was already here. Thought I would share a bit of what I have been busy with.

These beauties started out in my dad's garden and with my hands and lots of sweat came home with me.

I turned them into this, strawberry perserves. It is so good. And some went in the freezer to be used during the cold days of winter(yes, it will come again)! But for now enjoy the summer and the bounty it brings us.

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