Jun 30, 2014

Another Month Gone!

Well another month has come and gone. Half a year, where did it go ? It seems the more I try to get done, the more there is to do! I am determined by the end of the year to get caught up. If someone would just stop the world for just a few hours days weeks month. Thats it, if we only had an extra month in this year! But since I know that is not going to happen, I am just going to have to become more determined than ever to just git'r done!

So I have a question, is it me or do the rest of you have this same problem?

So no matter what happens I still want to wish you all a "happy second half" of the year.


  1. Ah, yes. Time is a trickster.

    No matter how much I accomplish, there's alway more … which is why I schedule in "down time." I do. I schedule it. Crazy, huh?

    But what I mean to convey is that ~ to me ~ things are never "caught up" because there will always be more of the same or something different to follow, to manage, to do … and I'm OK with that, 'cause the day I'm "caught up" with nothing to follow is the day I pass into the Big Mystery. Which is also OK, But …

    I like it here. So far. :D

    1. Rose, thank you for stopping by. I think I need to learn to do just that. I need to pencil in some down time! Okay, I am going to do it. But right now I need to go work up these 12 pints of blueberries.


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