Dec 16, 2013


All of us have Christmas traditions. Maybe it is making special ornaments or cookies with the kids.
Or setting up the nativity and sharing the story of the birth of Jesus.
Perhaps it is touring the neighborhood to see all the lights.

To some families the most remembered tradition revolve around the dinner table, candy yams, pecan pie or maybe just those wonderful mashed potatoes that bring us comfort and joy!

So we all agree that traditions are a big part of the holidays. If you have small children then you know what I am talking about. Maybe your children have grown and are married with families of their own. If that is the case then the traditions in your home have changed over the years. Perhaps after the birds flew the nest you found yourself struggling with the holidays and what you could do to enjoy them. 

Well as years go by and children grow up things just change. No one said it was easy, but then no one said it was this hard either. But one tradition that we have always hung on to thru the years is the reading of the Christmas story. My husband and I gather together and read it and then talk about what it means to us. This is something we did when our children was home as well. So a family tradition that still goes on.

We are even thinking of starting a new Christmas tradition, just the 2 of us..........more on that later!

So what kind of tradition do you have or did you have? Tell me how your family traditions have changed over the years. What is your favorite tradition of all?


  1. My most favorite tradition as a child was to drive around with all the family, and look at lights. We loved it. Also, going out to buy our real Christmas tree, and bringing it home.

  2. Kim, loved your blog for the holidays. We lived in the country when I was a child and it was always a treat to attend the Grange Christmas party, singing Carols in the town square, and Church Xmas eve, which we still do.
    Reading the xmas story together and making the big decision on what dessert to leave Santa---racing to see if he ate it, which meant he had come to our house. Not as much fun now.


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