Aug 15, 2013


August is the 8th month. It is half way through the 3rd quarter.

It marks the end of summer  for some as they start back to school.

It is the beginning of  football  season.

And in my neck of the woods it is  the beginning of cooler weather. A time when at least at night you can open  the windows and allow the  outside in.

I guess one could derive that August means many things to different. Well let me tell you what it means to me.  It is  the time of year that has festivals and shows sneaking up on me. And with several on the book this fall I am now to the point that I am locking myself  in the studio on a daily basis. AND I AM HAVING THE TIME OF MY LIFE!!!!

Here is some of  what I have been up to.


  1. A great idea and beautifully done.

  2. Kim! Did you hand paint those! I love them. Are they ceramic? They are just gorgeous. I bet they sell like hotcakes.

    1. They are dominos and they are altered art so they have paint, alchhol inks as well as paper and anything else I can find to use. I hope they sell too.


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