Nov 15, 2012

Bathroom Trick

As some of you already know I am not crazy about all the cleaners out t here on the market.  For one they are full of things that I would rather not have in my home. They most always smell bad. And they always cost more than I would like to spend.

So I have been making my own bathroom cleaner for quite some time now. It cleans better than anything I had ever used (and I had used them all). It does not have the harsh chemical smell to it. And it uses 2 ingredients that I always have on the shelf anyway.  So to say the cost is low.......well lets say it is real low!!

Let me share the recipe with you and let you try it for yourself.

Bathroom Cleaner

1/2  cup dawn dish liquid (original blue)
white vinegar

 In a 32  oz. recycled spray bottle place the dawn and fill remaining bottle with white vinegar (do not shake!) Just gently turn bottle upside down a few times to mix.

Now use this to clean all the bathroom surfaces. Tubs, sinks, toilets bowls, chrome and even those hard to clean shower doors. You will be so surprised at how clean the shower doors are and how shiny the chrome becomes.

Well this week  I took this up a notch!! I placed the mixture in this:

 It makes it easier to just pick up and clean a spot or an area and not have to clean the whole room. Who knows, it might be so easy that I might get someone else to give it a try!! Now I really am not holding my breathe! I will remind you to store this upright, as it might leak from the sponge if you lay it down.

Just hang it from the ledge in the shower!

How about you, do you have any neat little cleaning tricks you would like to share? I love comments and I read every one of them.

This is linked up to home made mondays a linky party over at Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. Stop by and check out all the neat homemade things.


  1. Interesting. I make my own grout cleaner for my tile shower. I wonder how well your recipe would work on my other bathroom. Thanks.

    1. Give it a try and am sure you will love it. Everyone who tries it says there bathroom has never been so clean and the chrome has never shined so brightly.

  2. I'm going to try this. I have a horrible time with mold in my master shower. The room is just too small for the tiles and door to dry and the mold loves that environment.

    1. Carol, I am sure you will love this. And sense the vinegar is an anti-fungal I bet it will do the trick for the long haul as well. I used the spray with a sponge for a long time and if I need more of a scrub, then I add some baking soda to my sponge after I have sprayed and let it sit awhile. But I love this new scrubber with the handle even more.

  3. That is a good idea. I am going to try it. Thanks. MB


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