Jun 23, 2012

Teaching Survival Skills

I love sitting in the swing and watching all the things around me. This is my early morning routine. It gives me a time to plan my day and spend time with the lord. And he always takes this time to feed my soul.

I spotted this robin making her way around the yard one morning. She was poking in the fresh tilled soil looking for bugs and the occasional red worm. And as I had the camera to my eye what came into the fame was a bit of a surprise! But a welcomed on.

Momma robin did not seem alarmed at all the little one had came so close to me. I continued to watch and enjoy the show. She would hop around on the dirt pile and chatter to the fledgling, telling him/her to do it like this! All the while poking her beak in and out of the dirt.

Imagine my surprise when baby #2 showed up! Let me tell you sitting still was not an easy thing to do at this point! She continued to teach the skills that they would need to survive. And let me tell you,since I don't speak bird I am not for sure what she was telling them but it sure sounded to me like she was saying, "did you hear me? pay attention........you are going to have to know how to do this stuff........I am not going to be around forever"!

From time to time she would even have to get their attention!! It was such a pleasure to see these lessons being taught right before my eyes and it truly made me stop and see the parallel with our lives and our human children. We all have to be prepared to take care of ourselves, to step out into the world and deal with life, no matter what it hands us. Prepared to handle life's diversities by responding and not just reacting when the going gets tough. We are who we are in life because of the choices we make.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Phil.4:13

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  1. That's cute. I think our yard is a motel for robins. We have so many of them! I've watched the mommies and babies all summer. Sometimes you almost step on them. The babies have no fear, they just stand there and the mommies show up and try to distract you from them. We've had robin nests in our grapes and blackberry patches this year and our trees.


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