Jan 31, 2012

Show Casing A Great Etsy Artist

I am starting something new here on my blog. I want to share some great Etsy artists with you over the next several weeks.

There is so much talent on Etsy and as I have met my fellow etsians I have realized they are real people with a passion.

So today I want to introduce Dennis from Cripple Creek Woodwork. Dennis has a wonderful shop that is just overflowing with raw talent. He is a 3rd generation craftsman who loves to use reclaimed and recycled wood when ever possible. So if you are into going green and saving the planet. This is a shop you won't want to miss.

Here are a few examples of the craftsmanship you will find in his shop. And believe me you will be amazed at some of the things you find that are made from wood.

Each piece in his shop is made by his own hands. He has no helpers or workers so perfect attention goes into even the smallest of details.

Whether you are looking for a great handcrafted gift or a lovely yet useful diplay piece, your needs can all be met at Cripple Creek Woodwork! And is this not the most adorable toybox you have ever seen?

If you are looking for something and you can't find it. Then you need to talk to Dennis. He loves to work with your idea and make it perfect just for you. I know this from experience! I was looking for a simple yet handcrafted drop spindle and after talking to Dennis for just a short while I knew he was the perfect fit .

Isn't it beautiful and let me tell you the only thing smoother is a babies butt!!
I am so happy with my drop spindle and I a thrilled to be able to share this great shop with you today. I just love comments and I read everyone (sometimes more than once)! I am going to have a drawing when I reach 50 followers so please sign up today to follow me and lets get the ball rolling.



  1. Love you are featuring other Etsians! You are "da bomb", Kim!

  2. Dennis creates some real lovelies ~ thanks for sharing his talents and inspiration with us!


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