Dec 17, 2011

Whats In The Oven?

Well considering the time of year, most of you are probably baking cookies.

Or some of you might have fruit cakes baking.

Or a scrumptous pie of one sort or another.
But at my house for the last week this is what has been in baking in my oven almost 24
hours a day.

You see I really had no choice.

A neighbor was cutting down a Paper Birch and I wanted the wood to make rounds for one of my items I sell on Etsy.

Although the tree was dead, once you down it you must cut the rounds and get them dry in a slow and steady way, but if you allow them to air dry they will crack and look like "Pacman".

Paper Birch is a beautiful wood to work with I was so blessed to get it. So I had no choice but to deal with the wood until the task was completed.

If you would like to take a look at the item I make from them you can see it here: wooden love charm

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  1. Looks like you've got plenty to work with now!

  2. What fun! LOL - my oven has seen all kinds of things - and some of them were edible... Very cute idea - would be fun for a baby birth, too ;-)

  3. That is very interesting. I'll go over and take a look at your link. Thanks for sharing.


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