Aug 15, 2010

See what was lurking in my yard!!!

With the grandson visiting we spend a lot of time outside. And you never know what you might come across. Yesterday was a very hot and humid day and the air was so thick you had to carry a stick to stir the air so you could breathe!! So we were outside in short spurts. A few minutes was all you could take a time.

So on one of the trips out we found this and I thought you might like to see.

Ugly Green Catapillar

What have you found lately in your yard? Go look. Spend a few minutes. That is all it takes to make some memories with your kids or the grands. 


  1. Cool - I found a katydid =)

  2. YIKES!!! we found a bunch of ugly green catapillars much like these this summer on my tomato plants, Jackson took great delight in stomping on them, YUCK!
    Good luck with your blog
    Tracey from teh P and R :)

  3. Jeanie this is not the tomato horn worm. I tried to look it up and all it said was "Ugly Green Worm". We had to laugh and the GS said, "I knew that much".

    Thanks for looking and do come back.

  4. Hi Tapestry, thanks for dropping by. And do come back.


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