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Nov 24, 2015

Thankfulness Update and a Recipe

Today starts the Thanksgiving dinner prepping. And as I was looking at my menu I decided that next year I have got to par down a bit. This is entirely too much food to have at one meal. So notes are being made to downsize and have more time with loved ones and not be a gluten next year.

Nov 23, 2015

Monday Menus

Well another weekend has past. It was a hectic one, it seems there was something on the agenda everyday that needed done. And for some reason it still seems as though I got nothing accomplished. But such is life and forward we go with the week.

I try and plan my menus ahead but sadly I don't always make it here to share them with you. But this week I am on the ball.

Sunday.....we had meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, green beans, fried cabbage

Monday....(I have class) so hubs will have leftovers from yesterday (which he is glad to eat)

Tuesday.......leftover chicken noodle soup from a huge pot I fixed saturday. And some homemade garlic sourdough bread sticks.

Wednesday......omelets and homemade buttermilk biscuits with an assortment of homemade jams (carrot cake, strawberry, apple cinnamon)

Thursday......Turkey day! Turkey, dressing, mashed pots, green beans, roasted broccoli/cauliflower w/romano cheese, sweet potato chunks, cranberries, deviled eggs, sourdough rolls, fresh apple cake, chess pie, fresh peach pie, fruit salad.

Friday......turkey sandwiches. Hubs is going fishing so its just me. Nothing fancy! closed. closed. Will reopen in the morning!

Now it might seem as though there are a lot of leftover this week. But that is exactly how I planned it. I usually take the leftovers and make TV dinners and put in the freezer for a dinner sometime down the road. But this week I planned for them to be used fresh and get us through the week. Saves me time in the kitchen before the big turkey day marathon and it is good food to boot.

Nov 22, 2015

This and That

This post is kinda like scrambled eggs! But then that is how my brain feels lately. It may be the holidays that's got me this way. I used to decorate every room in the house. But every year it seems I could really care less if there is a tree or not. The kids won't be home and the grands are not around so it is hard to get in the mood to spend all that time and energy decorating.We certainly celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and are very thankful for it and share it with those we are around during the holiday season. But I am still out on a limb as to whether there will be decorations and a tree in my home or not.


As far as shopping goes I don't have a lot to do but it is almost complete. Except for those that you just don't know what to get. I personally would love to have a homemade christmas. Where we all made gifts for each other. Spending time and energy and our own creativity. But there are those on my list that swear they never made a thing in their life and do not intent to start now. And they also kinda turn up their nose at handmade items. So what is a gal to do!


How about gift cards? Do you give them? Do you like to receive them? Will you be using them this year?

I don't mind receiving them. But for some reason I feel like I am bombing out if I give them. Always wonder if I am choosing the right place to get the card. What if they would like somewhere else better. Also wonder if I should just give cash and they could use it as they wish.


I love cooking anytime of the year but especially for the holidays. Have a house full of family and friends is what the holidays should be. But as we are getting older and everyone has their own families. It is hard to get everyone together. 

When I was growing up we would not have considered a Christmas without going to mamaws house. All the family was there from her children, grandchildren even some great grands as time went on. There were also friends stopping by and everyone enjoyed each others company.

But times have changed and this newer generation is not like that. It makes me so thankful that we were, remembering back to how much joy it brought my grandmother.

 So new traditions need to be made. Things that will bring us joy and happiness during the holiday season. We are thinking on this and trying to come up with a few things that might suit us.

Any of you find things changing as the kids are older? How are you coping and what kind of things are you adopting in your home?

Nov 18, 2015

Weaving Wednesday

Good Morning, I have some more to share on my adventure. It began here if you want to catch up. 

So first let me say that class we so fun last night. I got to do something different and very beneficial. I spent the evening warping a loom.

So I started out winding my warp on a warping board. This allowed me to get all my warp threads the same length. Once that was completed it tied off, so it would not become a birds nest when I took it off the board.

Then the process of tying it onto the loom began. I tied each warp thread onto an existing warp thread after this was completed I pulled each small knot through the beater bars. Then with the help from my teacher they were wound onto the warp roller. I was then able to tie my warp threads onto the apron bar and the loom is ready to begin weaving on. 

And I did get to do some weaving this week on a big barn loom, making cotton cloth for making clothing. That was kinda neat and I will say that thing was huge! 

So I have a little surprise. I found me a loom and got to see it. Now of course it is old (1930's), but so am I and a couple of pegs need repaired. Hubs will be all over that. Its got a little(lot) of dust on it. But I think it is beautiful. I haven't brought it home yet but it is mine and again I am so excited. I might be too old for all this excitement. But it sure is FUN!

So next week I get to take a field trip of sort and weave on a different loom than before. I will be sure and get some good pictures. I get so involved with "doing" that I forget to take the pictures.

If any of you weave I would love to hear all about it. How you got involved, what you weave on, what you make?

And don't forget to check back next week for "Weaving Wednesday".
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