Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hump Day!

Wednesday is the middle of the week. But to me it screams " you are running out of time"! I completed a few more items yesterday and got several more to the final stages.

Today is a beautiful day so far. So my energy level is up and my creative juices are flowing. What more could a girl ask for? Perhaps several more hours in the day or days in the week? I really got to get back to it.

Don't forget my show this weekend is in Chillocothe OH at the Ross County Fair Grounds. So if you live in the area or want to travel for a day trip, stop in and see what all is being offered. And say hello, I would love to meet each and every one of you.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Busy with This and that

Got alot going on around here this week. I am attempting to complete as much as possible to take to a show that I am leavong for on friday. It is at the fairgrounds in Ross County Ohio. So if you are in the area stop by and see me, I will be in the floral building. Here is a few pieces I have completed.

I am working on a few more items today so more pictures to follow.

It has been chilly here at night, with a pretty hard frost saturday night.lots of rain has been falling from the sky so it is sage to say that Fall is here and winter is on its way.

I love your comments and I read everyone of them. So don't forget to say hello.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Inspiration and Creativity

We wake up in the morning and as we move through our day we look, we see the things all around us. Sometimes we take these things for granted, almost not even seeing them. 

As a creative soul I sometimes think I see things that some never notice. For instance I will be outside hiking with a friend and when the hike is over and we begin to reflect on all we saw around us on the hike, I will remember everything that she points out that she saw. But no matter what I bring up she will say, I didn't see that.

But one thing we can all agree on is that inspiration is all around us. We just have to open our eyes to it. And sometimes we find it when we are not looking for it, in the simplest of places. I was over at "What I Made Today" and found the cutest little spirit pouches. Rose does some lovely work and is always eager to share so I am sure she won't mind me sharing her with all of you! Check it out Here!

See how cute they are!

And since I got excited about these little cuties I had to try my hand at making one. I am sure they are not just like the ones Rose made but they will hold my cell phone, credit card, drivers license and some cash. So beware inspiration is everywhere!

And I find these to be just like potato chips, I just couldn't stop at 1!

So be on the lookout, you never know when inspiration will strike.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Changing The Mug----Enter to Win

Very crisp out this morning, but I am still having my morning coffee on the porch. I did change my mug yesterday though.

I like to change it with the seasons and so the jack-o-lantern was perfet for this month.

I am working on abit of crocheting when I sit down. But since I don't do much of that I need projects that are quick! And with a show coming up this weekend this little item was perfect to occupy my small tidbits of porch time. I will post more about the finished projects later.

Until about 3 months ago I was the proud owner of a stupid phone. And I also did not understand the need to upgrade. Well fast forward to now..........and lets just say, why on earth did I wait so long! It gives me so much more freedom. Now I am still "old school" and there by refuse to constantly be "on my phone". Sometime I just unplug and craft or sew or talk to those around me. But I have to admit it has its advantages. One of those advantages are getting to follow some great blogs that I had told myself were to time consuming before my phone came along. Now I don't have to stop what I  am doing and sit at computer. But instead I can check them out where ever I am. 

So while doing just that I came across the blog of a great lady that I belive alot of you would enjoy. And right now she is having a great give away that is sure to make your house smell like fall. So zip on over to Just Looking For A Bargain and visit with Char. Don't forget to sign up!

Need to get moving for now. See you later.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Jacket Required

It was a bit nippy (56) on the deck this morning with my first cup of coffee (and my second!). Not only was a jacket required but also a pair of sweat pants, but I do still have on my flip flops! I just hate giving up the porch time, so a girl does what ever it takes to hang on a bit longer. The sun finally peeked through the morning haze around 10 am. But even now it is still not strong and bright.

This has been a crazy week with car issues and my not being able to attend a show I had scheduled. A dear friend just did not understand that for what ever reason I am home from this show and this is right where God wants me to be. So there is no better place.

This is an item that came off my plate this weekend. I finished it yesterday.

I have another show in 2 weeks and hopefully all the vechile woes woll be over by then. In the mean time I am working to complete several mote items to take along.

Dinner menues for this coming week are as follows.

Monday----a big salad with a salsa chicken quesidilla

Tuesday-----grilled veggies(yellow squash, baby bella mushrooms, bell peppers) and turkey veggie burger grilled w/o a bun.

Wednesday----homemade chili(venison) with chopped fried cabbage added. Don't knock it till you try it!

Thursday------grilled turkey keilbasa with a big salad.

Friday-----homemade veggie pizza

Saturday-----breakfast for dinner. Veggie hash with a small amount of ham chopped for flavor and fried eggs.

Sunday----a big pot of something? Just not sure whats in the pot yet.

Now please tell me whats on your menu this week. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Sunrise

I was sitting on the porch this morning with my first cup of coffee. Waiting for the sun to begin it climb. The air was thick with moisture, the leaves on the trees turning upward from the wind and the impending call for rain. I had plans today to get outside and finish up some painting, but those plans have changed.
I have plenty of tasks to achieve inside so I am glad for the change to my plans.

I am trying to slow down in life a bit and this is yet another reminder for me that the good Lord above is still in control.

The leaves are starting to change and fall.

I am noticing my dogs are shedding less as they prepare their coats for the winter ahead.

And I found this outside the other evening.

Now in my "neck of the woods" we take a solid black woolly worm as the sign of a hard winter ahead. Some may view this as an old wives tale, but I have seen them a dark caramel color and the winters were mild. So I am just sayin'.........!

Shorter days and cooler nights are also a reminder of his control and not ours. I am thankful for these signs. It allows me a certain peace of knowing I can let go and let God have the reins.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

September......ain't it great!

September has got to be the greatest month, after all I was born in September! But seriously, I wake up to upper 50's every morning. Which means the heat pump is turned off and getting a much needed rest after all the heat of the summer.

The sun shines so pretty and adds warmth as the day gets along.

The humidity is low, low, low. And there seems to always be a slight breeze.

With the change  in weather, the grass is not growing as fast and once a week mowings is all it takes to keep up.

Things just seem to slow down a bit and that makes it easier to slow down myself. Although I can always find plenty to do, it seems like less pressure to "hurry up" with each task.

I also love being able to spend more time outside than I could on the heat of summer.

I also love all the fall festivals, some I just like to attend. But a few I actually sell at. I have one next weekend and I have been finishing up some little things to help fill tables. Here is what I finished yestetday.

So how about you, what do you love about fall?